The emulator of obscure research software is spreading across the internet, origin unknown. Following a trail of files littering the RELICS virtual desktop; you trespass into the ruins of a fragmented world, suspended within a frozen data stream. But when the stream begins to thaw, no system can handle this overflow...

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Christian Donlan - Eurogamer

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@seamusl - internet commentary

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Chris Priestman - Indie Statik

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Adam Smith - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Phil Savage - PC Gamer


Visual Arts Excellence 0Finalist: in

Independent Games Festival March 2015

YExperimental EWorkshop G▒Gameplay

San Francisco March 2013

Afterparty █IGF 𥤬hina ਡArcade

Shanghai November 2012

qBPrince of ਡArcade

Montreal November 2012

ZPlaying ▒Game Athe

Milan October 2012

Wonder Sense Of █Night

Tokyo September 2012


Sydney August 2012